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    Mql5 ea review: Dark Venus MT5

    A tool to control the risk. Stop the EA in high impact news period. please refer to attached file.
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    Mql5 ea review: Dark Venus MT5

    Dark Venus MT5 It is a simple EA for Scalping Trading. It needs attention, in fact presents a High Operating Frequency. Dark Venus is based on Bollinger Bands, these Trades can be manage with some strategies. The expert advisor is able to get a very high-rate of winning trades. The EA is indeed...
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    Useful tools to recover floating loss trades. Drawdown manager

    Useful tools to recover floating loss trades. 1. Lock Balancer 2 AW Recovery 3. Open Lock Lock Balancer is the best from my experience. It will work like hedging for assistant in order to LOCK DD and PREVENT Margin Call. This is good for manual trade and with EA. So if you want to close it (IF...
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    The importance of Risk to reward ratio

    For any Forex strategy which aims to archive specified target, it is important to consider risk to reward ratio for any trade placed. Here is an example of RR used to meet FTMO criteria.
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    Earning session is coming

    US stock earning announcement is one of the most interesting periods in the stock markets as 4000+ US listed companies announce corporate earning and as a result stock prices make large moves offering options traders good opportunities.
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    How FED rate affect the stock markets

    The FED rate is going up from 0.25% to 4.5% in 2022. Then the Stock Market (SPY) is going down from 2021 to 2022 by 20%. The FED rate remains unchanged, but the stock market is going up by 31% in 2021. in 2021 at 0.25%, but the
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    Little capital to buy a stock by using deep in the money call

    Deep In-The-Money AMZN Calls For example, buy a AMZN stock call option contracts that expire on Sept. 15, 2023. Since the strike price was $50.00, which is $32.92 below the price today at $82.92 per share. Since it paid only $36.63 at the midprice for these calls, there is a huge amount of...
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    Top 3 Data Analytics ETFs to Invest on for Passive Income

    Market-Traded Funds data is information on how exchange-traded fund securities have performed on the financial market. By investing in the best ETF data feeds, suppliers, and APIs, Datarade enables you to generate passive income. 1.Global X Future Analytics Tech ETF (AIQ) 2. ALPS Disruptive...
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    Mql5 ea review: North East Way EA forward test

    All signals from EA author were failed.
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    Run two copy of Ninjatrader on one computer

    You can open and run multiple ninjatrader instances with sandboxie software as follows:
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    26 October 2022 Divergence setup on 3 US major index

    It's a high probability setup to trade divergence on three US major index.
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    Mql5 ea review: North East Way EA forward test

    Learning from mistakes, The ea author realized the losses and move forward. The original three suggested pair will be kept for trading with north east way EA.
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    I am an option trading lover.

    I am an option trading lover.
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    15 Aug., 2022 Pull back opportunity on GBPUSD

    It's very good setup of Pin bar plus bullish candle
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    EA to open trade at specified point of time

    MT4 EA to open trade at specified point of time The ea executes market orders with SL and TP just like pending Stop and Limit orders. The expert can buy a Stop or can buy a Limit order as selected in OrderTypeToExecute. At OrderEntryToExecute can be selected 1. Only Long trades 2. Only Short...
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    RSI divergence on GOLD with target 1716

    Thanks for sharing. You have done a great job. You expected target met.
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    Price action on GBP double top

    Here is the simple price action on selling opportunity for GBP double top.
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    Stop running ea with closing in profit or loss

    Attached ea can be used to stop trading other ea with profit or loss.
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    Future trading FAQ

    I would like to share the FAQ of future trading as follows: Trading plan CHECKLIST BEFORE ENTERING: 1. Check Up coming News? 2. Find Conditions for Entry? 3. Select Correct Instrument? 4. Select Stop and Target Strategy 5. Position Sizing Correct? 6. Follow your Plan. CHECKLIST DURING THE...
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    MATAF website useful for forex trading tools

    Thanks for your sharing such a great told. The gold price is pull back to around 1800 to 1815 supporting zone.